Tuesday, July 27, 2010

2010 FBCC Sketches | Martian Manhunter by Michael Netzer

The latest J'onn J'onzz pin-up from Michael Netzer's Online Portal blog!


LissBirds said...

Something about his eyes scares me juuuust a little bit. But lol nonetheless. (And did you see the Marvel Marvel and Wonder Woman ones? Whoa! And the Kid Colt one. Very cool stuff.)

Diabolu Frank said...

Yeah, this piece reminds me of the dimorphic manga look Frank Miller was going for in The Dark Knight Strikes Again. I wanted to get write-ups done last night, but Direct Currents/The Linkypeux ate up my evening, once again. I may have to make cuts there. Anyway, under the circumstances, I totally posted the low hanging fruit of that GA Wonder Woman and the Zatanna/Starfire thing.

Tom Hartley said...

Isn't he supposed to be scary looking, just like he was in Detective Comics #225?