Friday, July 9, 2010

Tommy Tejeda Martian Manhunter Art Gallery

Martian Manhunter head shot and JLU group shot

Justice League: The New Frontier ("Probably One Of The Best Things I've Ever Done")

Martian for the Legion of Superheroes WB cartoon.

Kalanor Rider (Despero's World)

For more by Tommy Tejeda, check out his blog, Vibrational Frequencies. I'm also having a spotlight at my blogs, so give 'em a look.


Anonymous said...

Frank, I was looking at some of Tejeda's work specifically is VS ones (lobo v wolverine, dr fate v dr strange) and it got me thinking of the Manhunter from Mars. I never got around to reading any DC v Marvel crossovers, but if you did can you tell me if the Martian fought anyone. I tried looking online but all I got were peoples opinions and they usually linked him to the Vision from the Avengers. Did those two fight if so who won? Is there someone that you would like to seem him fight? Also I remember reading something from Wizard I think and it had a pretty cool picture of Martian Manhunter and the Vision fighting and then an article and it said Vision would win. Do you know what Im talking about?

Diabolu Frank said...

One from the files of the old site:

DC vs. Marvel
When the two greatest comic book companies decided to have their characters compete in a 1996 four issue mini-series, the Manhunter was largly ignored. In the first issue, he and Firestorm team-up to battle the Fantastic Four's Thing and Human Torch (an easy DC victory), and he appears only on the cover of #2.

In the 1997 sequal, DC/Marvel All Access #3-4, the worst use of the Martian Manhunter EVER occurs. After Batman nearly beats the X-men single-handedly, the rest of the JLA arrive. J'J' is paired off with Bishop, a mutant who can absorb and redirect energy. Note that I didn't mention super-strength. Bishop pounds on MM throughout the issue WITH HIS BARE HANDS. After this travesty, the Manhunter is briefly "Amalgamated" with fellow telepath Jean Grey. I think Ron Marz felt bad about his missuse of J'Onn, since the character has appeared many more times in the writer's books, and come out lokking a lot better than here.

Luckily, he gets a chance to shine in Unlimited Access #2-3 (Jan-Feb.'98). He and the four other original members of the JLA are transported to Marvel's Earth. They team up with the Avengers, themselves from the time period of their earliest adventures (circa. Avengers #12). While the others brawl with some of Darkseid's henchmen, MM and Thor combine their power to lay Kalibak out. "I thank thee for thy assistance, emerald one. You are indeed strong of arm--Are you, perchance, of the Hulk's race?"
"Unlikely. Where I come from, I am known as the Martian Manhunter."
"One of the fabled little green men? Green--Aye! But little--? I say thee nay!"

The good feeling passes quickly, whe Darkseid has Amazing Grace use her power to turn the men against one another. Thor believes J'Onn to be the villain Radioactive Man, and gives him a whack with his hammer. MM uses his invisibility to vanish, then appears beside Thor as Captain America. A Martian knuckle sandwich is delivered, sending Thor to his knees. The then modern Superman Blue arrives, and electro-shocks both groups until they listen to reason (in large part due to MM's telepathically verifying his identity). The two groups team-up to battle Parademons.

Diabolu Frank said...

Sorry for the hype and the misspellings. I was an excitable youth back then.

Wizard Magazine used to have a monthly feature called something like "Superhero Showdown." They'd commission an artist to illustrate the scene, then run text commentary of how they thought the fights would go. Given that the median I.Q. of the Wizard editorial pool was about an 85, one shouldn't put top much stock in their opinions. They did peg the Red Tornado of the Marvel Universe as the winner, with Kevin Maguire on art.

Also, scope out Caleb's coverage of that Bishop fight here, and you might also take a gander at the Avengers vs. JLA pieces I have in the Imaginary Stories section.

Anonymous said...

It’s funny how many articles and news come out on a weekly basis.

Anonymous said...

Really Gr8 ! Thanks For sharing..