Friday, July 29, 2011

2010 Evan “Doc” Shaner's Justice League - Take 2

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Artist "Doc" Shaner put together an oddball JLA as part of a Facebook challenge in 2009 that consisted of the Flash, the Atom, Captain Marvel, Plastic Man, Jonah Hex, Sgt. Rock and the Viking Prince. That's a pretty iconic line-up of characters, but a tad underpowered and anachronistic to sell well. Also, let's face it, quite the sausage factory. To correct the estrogen deficiency, Doc revised the piece by replacing the time-travelers with Black Canary and Mera, plus "easy choice" Martian Manhunter. Certainly makes it look more like a proper JLA to me, and I'd happily buy it! Read more about it here.


mathematicscore said...

Agreed! This is a fine line up. The initial JLI team I thought was well anchored strength wise by MM and the Big Red Cheese. Their personalities work well too. Unfortunately, Cap isn't allowed to stick around in the DCU in any real way.


Anj said...

I'd buy this book. Especially if that was Wally.

Diabolu Frank said...

It would have to be Barry. This bunch is too earnest and old school.