Monday, July 25, 2011

2011 “Miss Martian at Spitballin'” art by Gerard de la Costa

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This past week was Miss Martian week at Spitballin' courtesy of Selena Goulding. The only things I really know about her I learned from the Young Justice cartoon which didn't really amount to much: she has an annoying catchphrase (Helllooo Megan!) and she has the hots for Superboy. Also, she has powers similar to the Martian Manhunter.

I wanted to try something different with this: instead of using the inks to pull everything together, I wanted the colour to define the shapes. To me it looks very "construction paper cutouts" but I think it still works. Getting more comfortable with Photoshop, so that's a plus.

Once again, I'm avoiding a plug to the original source so I can "borrow" from it at least once more, although de la Costa's blog has a pretty obvious redirect. I wasn't aware that they had made M'gann smitten with Superboy on Young Justice. I've already suffered through Wonder Woman's unrequited feelings toward Superman, Superboy being Cassie Sandsmark's cherry-poppin' daddy, and J'Onn as a punching bag for D-list Supes villains, so why not continue the indignities? Personally, I think a Robin romance would be more appropriate, since Dick Grayson has about as many qualms regarding inter-species mating as Captain Kirk, and it would add a twist to the Batman-Martian Manhunter bromance. Regardless, the show inspired this Nagelesque piece, and while I don't entirely approve of sexualizing a sweetheart like M'gann, it does show her in a different light.


LissBirds said...

I don't like this take on Miss Martian. Way too womanly. I like her girlish and a little awkward. This is like Mrs. Martian.

To clarify what's going on on Young Justice: yes, M'gann pines for Superboy. But what can you expect from a show about teenagers aimed at teenagers? There's got to be someone with a crush on the show. (Kid Flash has the hots for M'gann and she doesn't know it, so they pulled a Midsummer Night's Dream. Actually, there's no fourth person involved in the love triangle, so that analogy doesn't work.) Anyway. Since Artemis's inner feelings are unknown to the audience (because we don't even know if she's friendly or not,) it would fall upon M'gann, being the only other female character, to be the one crushing on someone.

I think it's less of a choice in light of continuity and history and more one of plot convenience/adding interest to the relationships.

Also, Superboy is very brooding and angsty on the show, which is a popular romantic concept amongst the kids these days, so I guess they figured he needed someone to moon over him.

aota said...

I like the use of color and I have to agree that M'gann is usually less busty. However she is a martian and can look however she wants.

Shlomo Ben Hungstien said...

that is some serious creativity. it has a 70s art pop culture look to it.