Saturday, November 13, 2010

2006 Justice League by Loston Wallace & Miguel Menendez

Saturday's night's alright for fighting, but don't underestimate Fridays, either. Sorry for the delayed post, but I did go back and clean up those cruddy Deviant Art embeds. So hey, here's a guy who turned another guy's art into a collage ala Colorforms. Aquaman was more of a guest-star and Supergirl wasn't a part of the team when John Stewart still had his hair. The real "wah?" inclusions are Catwoman and Harley Quinn, though. Gotham City over-represent ('tho I'd've forgiven Huntress...)

This is something I found while browsing on Internet looking up for Batman images, I found this cool website you can find all kind of sketches and drawings from different comics, so I decided to pick a couple of drawings and color them, here's the first one, in this one we can see, from left to right: Harley Queen, Supergirl, Batman, The Martian Manhunter, The Green Lantern, The Flash, Superman, Wonder Woman, Catwoman (or at least I think she is) and Aquaman. I know this has some flaws but I like the result whatsover...

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Tom Hartley said...

Forget Elton John. You and Diabolu Girl should remember the words of another songwriter and give peace a chance.