Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Koma Designs Martian Manhunter Resin Model Kit

So I'm over at the Aquaman Shrine the other day, where Rob posted a gnarly Custom Aquaman Statue. I says to myself, "Diabolu Frank," which is strange because that's a total alias, but I says, "didn't you find a boss custom Alien Atlas statue during your eBay troll a week or so back?" Why yes I did, and I put it in my blessedly expanding posting queue of timely scheduling. With tomorrow being the start of the 50th Anniversary December of Despero, plus a side project you'll be seeing pop up on a host of other blogs soon thereafter, might synergy be the order of this final day of November? It 'tis!

From Koma Designs comes The 1/6th scale Martian Manhunter Resin Kit Statue measures almost 14" tall. It has been built and painted and ready for display.


mathematicscore said...

This fellow has SKILLS.

LissBirds said...

Stop posting things from eBay that I'm now tempted to buy!!