Friday, November 12, 2010

2008 "50s Martian Manhunter B n W" by Marty Salsman

One of the truly unsung heroes of the DC universe, he's been around since 1955 predating the Silver-Age by just one year. I'm truly heartbroken DC has decided to kill off this character. On a brighter note the young writer and fellow deviantART member Dahila Mockery(give her a shout, she's done a great job) and myself have decided to pay tribute to this awesome DC hero! Set in the mid-1950's before he's even met any other super-heroes, he was a detective for the police and a private investigator par excellant. These are just three of the characters our versatile hero will portray in the story. Character Study-Pen & Ink only


Shlomo Ben Hungstien said...

hey i had no idea until tonight this site existed of one of my favorite DC characters! do you post original Martian Manhunter art work on this blog?

Diabolu Frank said...

Until I got that email from Shag, I didn't know about you either, David. I'm a fan of the Squad, and will be adding you to my blogrolls shortly. I also cover Vixen sporadically at the Justice League Detroit blog, plus Bronze Tiger & Amanda Waller at DC Bloodlines, so welcome to the insta-family.

We do indeed accept original submissions to this blog. One of my regular contributor will have a post up on Monday, in fact. Do you need an email address?

Shlomo Ben Hungstien said...

thank you Diabolu, oh yeah that might not have been a bad idea for me to have included an email the first time around huh?
it's listed on the Suicide Squad blog for future reference:

i have an oil painting of the Martian Manhunter i did back in the late 90s i would love to submit for consideration to be posted to your blog.

Diabolu Frank said...

Send me a link or a jpeg, and I'll put it up.