Wednesday, November 24, 2010

2007 Rittenhouse Archives DC Legacy Card #21: Martian Manhunter

I'm no fan of Rottenhouse. It's one thing to turn art scanned out of comics into trading cards. Comic Images was all over that in the '90s to feed fans junk between Marvel Universe sets. However, it's quite another to charge exorbitant prices for same because you brought up your Photoshop game and throw in "sketch cards" available at most conventions for cheaper than a pack of their cards. Still, here's their Martian Manhunter card, complete with the usual black & white Showcase Presents scan of an early Joe Certa panel, and a shot of the Al Barrionuevo "Coneheadhunter," who looks far more ridiculous in this context. It's like he's got a withered old witch's teat growing out the back of his fool head, complete with a bejeweled handkerchief so as not to expose the full saggy bosom as the Jolly Green Giant's unholy offspring suckles at N'ppl J'Onzz's lactating cranium. No wonder he's halfway giving us all the finger! Even classic J'onn is clearly perturbed, either by the vision of his dire but fleeting future self, or by the dang pointy new DC logo star jabbing him in the thigh. Regardless, it's nice to live in an age when no remotely comprehensive DC set will exclude even a rather disturbing and unpopular take on the Manhunter from Mars

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LissBirds said...

Though I can understand the reasons behind OYL J'onzz, the flipping-the-reader-off pose baffles me to no end. What exactly are they trying to say with that? Beats the heck outta me.