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The Others: DAL'EN

Mica'kel and Telok'Telar were the two aggressive Martians drawn into the machinations of Keane, then-head of Homeland Security for the U.S. government. Jornell and Dal'en were the counterbalance on the more reasonable, mild side of the spectrum. Initially more reserved than Jornell, Dal'en ended up being the first adult to open up about what he believed to be the group's history.

According to Dal'en, his group of Green Martians were part of the planned Xendi Expedition to venture off from the planet Mars. J'Onn J'Onzz had heard the expedition never launched, but Dal'en assured him they departed two days before a plague struck down nearly all life on Mars. When communications from Mars ceased, the group turned back, and at some point thereafter were kidnapped by an unknown party and sold as specimens to the U.S.

Along with Jornell and Till'all, Dal'en was more open to exploring Earth and humanity, but of the three took the dimmest view. Dal'en was also the most manipulative of the Others, currying favor with J'Onzz while repeatedly lying to him and pointing his finger at Sara Moore to throw off suspicion. Whether consciously or not, Dal'en seemed the most aware of the conspiracy surrounding his group, murdering two D.E.O. agents and masquerading as Keane to draw Giggs to his side. Dal'en ultimately seemed to have the greatest inclination toward violence, the only member of the Others to attack his own people.

Dal'en was the first of the Others to revert back to his natural Martian form, which in his case was a slow and very painful process. At the same time, Dal'en embraced his true self fully, turning on anyone he perceived as a Green Martian, and showing the least regard for human life. Despite his lack of conflict, Dal'en fell relatively quickly against the Martian Manhunter in combat, psychically forced into a catatonic state he has yet to be shown to have awakened from.

First Appearance: Martian Manhunter #2 (November, 2006)

Group Affiliation: The Others

Dal'en has displayed superhuman strength, speed, and durability, as well as the power of flight and limited shapeshifting. Whether Dal'en possesses other Martian abilities is unknown.

Dal'en is vulnerable to fire and ordinance from a modified AR-8 sniper rifle. He was the first of the Others to reject the brainwashing techniques of Cay'an. Dal'en seemed to be the most mentally resilient and generally intelligent of the group.

Distinguishing Features: While all of the "Green Martians" had red eyes, pointed ears and elongated parietal regions of the skull, Dal'en's were exceptionally pronounced. The back of his head arched midway down his back, and a fleshy spike extended half a foot from his chin, each side mimicking human hair in its length. Dal'en wore a gray long-sleeved gown with a large black hollow circle across the chest. He was of average height and build in his Green form, but suitably towering as a White Martian. During his brief stints in human guise, Dal'en preferred the appearance of a squat, mustached, bespectacled, overweight, middle-aged Caucasian male dressed like a New York tourist.

Quote: "...J'Onn? After all this time, all the things you've done for them-- they still don't trust you? ...Then we should leave this planet, no?"

Created by A.J. Lieberman & Al Barrionuevo

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