Friday, November 25, 2011

Mars Needs Black Friday!

Today is Black Friday, so I thought it would be a good idea to start collecting all the great Martian Manhunter related merchandise under one easy to visit banner, for your Christmas shopping needs...

Action Figures

Activity Books



Candy & Prizes
1969 Fleer Martian Manhunter Temporary Tattoo
1967 Super Candy & Toy
1970 Fleer Justice League of America Gum & Tattoo
2006 Justice League Power Dip

Collector's Plates




Foreign Editions


Glasses & Mugs

Greeting Cards




Justice League America Kellogg's Cinnamon Mini Buns Mini-Comic (1993)
Super Powers Collection #14: Martian Manhunter (1984)

Point of Purchase/Merchandising Displays


Posters/Prints/Wall Scrolls

Sculptures (Busts, Statues, etc.)

Trading Cards

Universe Retro Argentinian Detective Martiano Trading Card
1966 Comic Book Foldees Card #15 (Topps)
1989 Mayfair Games DC Heroes Martian Manhunter Character Card
1991 Impel DC Comics Cosmic Cards #121: Martian Manhunter
1993 Justice League Task Force Official Membership Card
1993 Skybox DC Cosmic Teams Cards #43: Bloodwynd
1994 Skybox Superman: Man of Steel Platinum Series Card #40

1996 DC Outburst: Firepower
#04: Martian Manhunter by Chris Renaud
#75: Martian Manhunter by Chris Renaud

1997 Fleer/Skybox Justice League (JLA) Overpower Collectable Card Game

2004 Post Cereal Justice League Trading Card #5 of 7: Martian Manhunter (s04)

2005 Upper Deck VS System Collectible Card Game: Despero- Master of the Third Eye

2007 Alfajor Maxi Max Cookies DC Super Heroes Cartas De Poder

2007 Rittenhouse Archives DC Legacy Card #21: Martian Manhunter


will_in_chicago said...

Over at Comic Book Resources, the teaser for the Black Friday merchandise thread featured a Martian Manhunter doll flanked by Batman and Spiderman products.

LissBirds said...

"Noir" Manhunter? I'm diggin' it!

Sometimes you lose sight of just how much Martian Manhunter merchandise there

Diabolu Frank said...

Thanks for the heads-up Will! I copied the picture for a later post (perhaps next Black Friday?"

Liss, that picture was taken by a friend of mine. I revisit it every few years. It's spiffy!