Monday, January 16, 2012

2010 "Miss Martian Manhunter" art by Matthew S. Armstrong

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"I don't want you hurting any more Earth people. That wouldn't be nice." ~ Miss Martian

Megan aka M'gann M'orzz is pretty cool character. I'm intrigued by the mystery surrounding her origin. Ancient Mars history being of great interest to me whenever it shows up in stories.
I didn't know about her till recently. I was just thinking it might be cool if Martian Manhunter had a kid sister or something... a quick google search and BAM! the DC geniuses already had one. I've been reading some Teen Titan stories with where she shows up, she seems to be a minor guest star who definitely deserves more screen time.

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mathematicscore said...

This is great! Really gets the character, dynamic, and is that a subtly "whiter" shade of green? Diggin it.

LissBirds said...

I kind of like the subtle hint of Bruce Timm there. Very vibrant!