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First Appearance: Detective Comics #311 (January, 1963)
Height: Approx. 7'0"
Eyes: White
Hair: Black

R'ell is in some way involved with law enforcement on a parallel world from Earth in another dimension. R'ell pursued a pair of criminals who had stolen plans for a powerful weapon to a remote lab. R'ell learned from an injured scientist that the fugitives had fled through a temporary space warp that he had accidentally opened. R'ell feared that with the plans in their possession, the criminals could end up controlling whichever planet they had escaped into. Taking the chance that he could end up trapped forever in an alien land, R'ell followed the crooks. Unarmed, R'ell's pursuit quickly turned against him, as the twin hoodlums fired on him with their energy rifles, driving him into hiding.

R'ell was spotted in a forest by the Manhunter from Mars, who had already encountered and arrested the fugitive aliens. R'ell cleared his own name by explaining his circumstances, then warned that no simple jail could contain his fellow aliens. R'ell's assumption was correct, so he joined the Martian Manhunter in relocating and confronting the escapees. With the assistance of the mischievous animal Zook, another exile from R'ell's dimension, the criminals were apprehended. J'onn J'onzz flew R'ell and the captives through the space warp before it closed. R'ell thanked the hero, and bid him farewell.

Powers & Weapons:
Although R'ell carried a holster on his belt, he exhibited neither the weapons nor the powers displayed by his fellow visitors from the space warp.

Distinguishing Features:
R'ell has red skin and large eyes which appear to spiral. Though his hands are humanoid, his large, webbed feet have only three toes each. These features appear to be racial, as they were shared by the criminals and scientist R'ell encountered.

Quote: "...There is no time to lose! I must find those criminals and get back before the warp closes!"

Created by Jack Miller and Joe Certa

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