Monday, October 15, 2012

2012 “Off-Duty: Martian Manhunter & Miss Martian!” by Yasmin Liang

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I'm often critical of Project: Rooftop's hipster sensibilities, but the retro-chic wardrobe and just plain gorgeous art on display here shuts me up quick. Supergirl has always been a bandwagon jumper when it came to current fashion as processed through the minds of middle-aged white male nerds. Part of what I like about Miss Martian is how she embraces a simple, saccharine sensibility in trying to relate to humanity. She kind of reminds me of people who made horrendous life choices, only to over-correct through severe, comical conservatism. I love the Maid of Might, and M'gann M'orzz owes her an enormous, nigh-encompassing debt, but Kara as Sabrina cosplaying as Cheryl Blossom just isn't as interesting as Veronica trying desperately to inhabit the role of Midge Klump.

By the way, just to join the choir, my sole caveat is that John Jones would never take fashion lessons from Sonny Crockett, which was more of a Reggie Mantle kind of thing. Plus, I think I get some sort of point bonus for the extended dated bubble gum pop culture references.


mathematicscore said...

The cuffs/no socks aspect is my only problem with this for J'onn. otherwise, this totally works.

LissBirds said...

I was going to say, "loafers with no socks just doesn't work," but will beat me to it. But this is Martian Manhunter ca. 1950s, so I really should just shut my yap and enjoy this.