Friday, May 24, 2013

2006 “Aquaman: How I Spent My Summer Vacation” art by Rick Gibson

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“-- Featuring Aquaman...Again...Wow, For Someone Who Supposedly Hates Aquaman I Sure Draw Him Alot.

-- Also, First Appearance Of The Martian Manhunter...Yeah...Im Sorry.

-- The Idea For This Came From From An Episode Of The Drew Carey, One Of Them Jumps In A Huge Glass Of Beer, After Seeing That Episode I Always Wanted To Do A Comic Like That And I Realized Aquamans The Perfect Sucker...Uhh...Person For This Comic Strip.

-- Yeah, The JLA Cant Take Aquaman Anywhere Without Him Jumping Into A Huge Mug Of Beer...And For Some Reason Martian Manhunters Always Elected To Babysit Aquaman....The Lesser JLA Members Get Teamed Up While The Cooler Ones Have All The Fun.

-- Enjoy!”

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