Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Podcast- JLMay 2019: Countdown To Blackest Night (2007-2009)

Episode #36

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JLMay 2019-- Blackest Night 10th Anniversary Podcast Crossover Event
Frank always gets extra with #JLMay, so this first of several tie-in episodes covers three years worth of often extraneous Martian Manhunter material leading to his murder and the aftermath. Series referenced include Infinite Crisis, Amazons Attack, Checkmate, Countdown, Green Arrow/Black Canary Wedding Special, Justice League of America Wedding Special, The Sinestro Corps War, Teen Titans, Black Adam: The Dark Age, Salvation Run, Catwoman, Final Crisis: Requiem, Faces of Evil: Prometheus, Justice League: Cry for Justice, & Blackest Night! From here follow JLMay 2016 to these fantastic podcasts! Each will cover a different issue of SILVER AGE and each will come out in May! And don’t forget to use the hashtag #JLMay2019 when discussing on social media!

JLMay 2019
  1. JLMAY Blackest Night Anniversary Special [The Podcast of Oa Episode 138]
  2. Blackest Night #1 (2009) [Chris & Reggie’s Cosmic Treadmill ep. 139]
  3. Blackest Night #2 and Green Lantern (vol.4) #44 [Idol Head of Diabolu]
  4. Blackest Night #3 [The Fire & Water Podcast]
  5. Blackest Night #4 [Head Speaks]
  6. Blackest Night #5 [Coffee & Comics Podcast]
  7. Blackest Night #6 [Longbox Crusade]
  8. Blackest Night #7 and #8, and Green Lantern (vol.4) #52 [The LanternCast]
  9. Doom Patrol (vol. 5) #4 and #5 [Waiting for Doom]
  10. Suicide Squad #67, and Secret Six #17-#18 [Task Force X]
  11. Justice League of America (vol.2) #38-#40 [Justice’s First Dawn]
  12. Adventure Comics (vol.2) #4-#7, and Untold Tales of the Blackest Night #1 [Coffee & Comics Podcast]
  13. Starman (vol.2) #81 [Starman/Manhunter Adventure Hour]
  14. Booster Gold (vol.2) #26-#27 [Doctor DC Podcast]
  15. Blackest Night: JSA miniseries, issues #1-#3 [Birds of Prey Podcast]
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MartianManhunter said...

Excuse me, I love this page, is one of the few Martian pages still alive, but a question... have you ever thought on making an facebook/instagram and/or tumblr account and/or page focused on J´onn? You could make more people coming often to this page and get more people loving MM.

Diabolu Frank said...

That was the intent when I started my personal Twitter account, but it succumbed to my fatigue after years of Martian Manhunter blogging and other interests. I also have a Facebook page that I rarely use because I loathe that platform. It's basically blog/podcast or bust, I'm afraid.