Sunday, December 5, 2010

1993 Skybox DC Cosmic Teams Card #124: Despero

Returning to the "first" DC Skybox trading card set and its "Foes of the Justice League" subsection, here's the second Despero appearance. The back focuses on Despero's transformation in the incorrectly spelled Flames of Py'tar (note apostrophe, and please people try to remember that Spider-Man is a hyphenate!) Judging by Lobo's being batted a quarter mile and the appropriately outsized art of Bart Series, the front reflects the Breakdowns rampage during the final days of Giffen & DeMatteis on JLI.


Luke said...

Cosmic Teams was a great set. I learned a lot about the DCU from those cards. I remember thinking it was lame that the Flash and GL were stuck on the Justice League Europe, though. ;)

Diabolu Frank said...

Flash, yes. Green Lantern circa 1993? No.