Friday, December 24, 2010

2008 Despero Custom Figure by Kern

Even as a Despero fan, I have to wonder why someone would feel the need to make a custom figure after Total Justice, DC Direct and the DC Universe build-a-figure covered this ground so well. Sheer mass? Articulation? I guess I'll let the artist explain...

One of, if not the most, powerful and deadly foes the Justice League have ever faced...

Despero is a House of M Hulk with a severly dremeled down chin(Seriously - why it it so huge?). A Savage Dragon crest is sculpted onto his head, along with his third eye and fingernails. Belt is also milliputted. I went with his older orangeypink skin rather than the newer purple version that's cropped up since his appearance in the JL cartoon. His axe weapon is a repainted thing from my kibble boxes.

Kern has a detailed biography and a picture gallery here, so check it out!

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