Monday, May 2, 2011

2008 Miss Martian [Colored Version] by Todd Nauck

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I'm running a time deficeit this weekend, as I have three tests over two days and then then the finals bobsled kicks in. Sorry for the embed, but at least its a sweet piece of Miss Martian art from a veteran well suited to draw her after four years on the original Young Justice.

"My friend and incredible talented colorist, Benny Fuentes :iconbennyfuentes:, supplied some outstanding colors to my Miss Martian penciled piece.

Benny colored my WildGuard: Insider covers as well as the Astro-Girl story in WildGuard: Insider #2.

Thanks for rocking this piece, Benny!"

You can see the black and white version here, "A piece I did for fun."

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