Friday, May 20, 2011

Idle-Head of Diabolu, Vol. II

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For the longest time, I've been meaning to come up with a menu to collect all the ephemeral posts accumulated over the last three years that I don't have the good sense to treat as such. I've also wanted a forum to get credit for updates or menus in progress, because they cost a lot of time without much reward. In that vein, I ran the "first volume" of what will likely be an erratic series in January, and now we're back again. I also think I'll use this as an "items of interest" section for other people's work.

Lissbirds is both a regular commentator here and has her own blog to address Mars (or by her own stated preference, a Martian Manhunter wholly without a Mars to mind.) Here are some recent related posts from Comics Make Me Happy!:

Comics Should Be Good (which typically translates to "Brian Cronin") did a piece earlier this month on the Five Goofiest Moments in the First Five Martian Manhunter Comics. Pat at Silver Age Comics ran with that lead over a series of information posts:

I finally got around to watching Justice League: Crisis On Two Earths today. I put it off for so long because I thought it would be an ordeal to cover it here. In the early days of this blog, I would spend hours writing up an anal-retentive summary of a half hour Justice League episode, pulling my own high-res screencaps and everything. These would of course get no comments, and my caps would be shrunk down and compressed for the blog. I was such a dope. When I do cover the movie here, it'll be a comparatively breezy review with caps stolen off the internet. It'll still probably take a few hours, but will also provide posts for multiple blogs, and the thing is three times the length of a television episode, after all.

You'll notice the above image is one of many I lazily threw up as wee embeds from Deviant Art. I hate those embeds lingering, so I've gone back and done them as standard 400 pixel wide images hosted in the Idol-Head's Photobucket account. I also updated the "Pictures of Martian Manhunter" menu to be current as of this time last year, but that's better than nothing. The new links are offered below, but I thought it worth mentioning that I actually removed at least as many links from that menu. There was too much Vile Menagerie stuff cluttering things up, so I'll work on giving the Martian Manhunter rogues gallery their own separate... er... gallery.

Josh Allar
2007 "Manhunter Inked"

Craig Cermak
2007 One Year Later Martian Manhunter

Darwin Cooke
2004 "For Robert!" Convention Sketch
2007 The National Colored Pencil Convention Sketch

Ulises Farinas
2009 “Rise” Lego-Style Blackest Night Art

Adam Hughes
1991 Martian Manhunter Convention Sketch

Adam Hughes & James Lyle
2003 Convention Sketch

Jamal Igle
2010 Head Sketch

Mark Irwin
2000 Martian Manhunter Convention Sketch

Mike Nasser/ Michael Netzer
1979 J'onn J'onzz Convention Sketch
1980 Whizzard Fanzine Cover Art by Michael Nasser and Terry Austin
2004 Hawkgirl, J'Onn J'Onzz & Hawkman Convention Sketch
2009 "J'onn J'onzz R.I.P." Pin-Up
2010 Martian Manhunter Commission Pencils by Michael Netzer

Jon McNally
2010 All-Ages All-Stars: Martian Manhunter art

Oliver Nome
2006 One Year Later Martian Manhunter

George Pérez
2009 Autograph Doodle

Tom Valente
2007 Watercolor Painting
2009 Rittenhouse Justice League of America Archives Sketch Cards

Sal Velluto
2010 Wonder Woman & Martian Manhunter Commission

2010 Young Justice Animated Series Promo Art


LissBirds said...

Thanks for the mention, and for summing up my take on the Martian Manhunter. I still can't get over how cute that crocheted Manhunter is. Too bad I'm not good with yarn.

I hadn't seen the Five Goofiest Moment post before, and I honestly laughed out loud at #2. Sometimes I think that if J'onn early issues were a movie, it would be one of those movies that gets made fun of on Mystery Science Theater 3000.

Great post on J'onn's Silver Age powers, too. It's refreshing to see a write-up that takes a look at the Silver Age without poking fun at its subject. Okay, I just contradicted myself there, but you know what I mean.

LissBirds said...

P.S. When will we get to see your write-up of Crisis on Two Earths? I'm reatlly interested to see what you thought of J'onn's role in it. It's been a while since I saw it, but I remember liking it.

Diabolu Frank said...

"Sometimes I think that if J'onn early issues were a movie, it would be one of those movies that gets made fun of on Mystery Science Theater 3000."

Just the early ones? You could set both volumes of Showcase Presents to a laugh track. Even the Vulture stuff was stuffed with silliness.

"When will we get to see your write-up of Crisis on Two Earths?"

Probably next week, but feel free to pester me. I watched it on Netflix direct, so I don't have a DVD lying around to remind/taunt me.

Shlomo Ben Hungstien said...

i'm totally diggn all this MM art you've been featuring lately Frank.
speaking of art, let me know if you need me to email you that fan art you commented on the Suicide Squad blog today.