Friday, October 7, 2011

Idol-Head of Demographics

According to the free counter I installed when I started this blog, we've had 328,460 page views over the past four years. That's probably an off-week for The Aquaman Shrine or a terrible day for Comics Alliance, but I'm happy that my little speck of the internet gets a few hundred hits a day. Google started covering my stats in June of 2009, and they come up with 189,664 to date. Google offers me a lot more information and with greater accessibility than the old counter, but I still like to go "nyah-nyah" over the 138,796 view disparity. "My 'all time' goes back further, dudes!" Anyway, I'm glad Google stepped in, because it's fun to take a gander at this stuff from time to time. Since this content isn't readily available to readers, I thought I'd offer a snapshot, in the strangest/most boring themed day across my blogs ever.

Who in the world follows the Martian Manhunter blog? The U.S.A. makes up 51%, with the rest coming from Canada, the U.K., Brazil (Go Ajax!), France, Germany, Mexico (Detective Marciano!), Australia, South Korea and the Netherlands.

The Top posts to date are...

10) 2002 Green Arrow "Ollie's Stupendous Chili Recipe (Just Like Mom used to make!)" Pin-Up: 550 Pageviews
Someone linked to this at TV Tropes and it was one of my top posts for years. I'm surprised it only just cracked the top ten.

9) Stormwatch Sourcebook #1 (January, 1994): 568 Pageviews
So Tom's all like "Why are you bothering with all this Stormwatch crap" and I'm all like "top ten post in a month and a half...

8) "Infinitely Heroic" Giclee by Alex Ross: 579 Pageviews
People love this art. It's a top view on two of my blogs. I should do a version for the Atom blog. He needs it.

7) Post-Pointal Discussion: The Cover To Stormwatch #1 Revealed: 744 Pageviews
That still unused (variant?) cover. You folks noticed Sepulveda's cover to #2 has gone M.I.A. as well? Maybe he swiped that, too...

6) Green Lantern Corps: Recharge #1 (11/05): 756 Pageviews
An extremely minor guest appearance informs me how much more traffic I'd get if I liked a legitimately popular character/franchise.

5) Superman Annual #11 (1985): 896 Pageviews
I'm sure Mongul squatting in front of Batman had everything to do with this.

4) 2009 Black Lantern Martian Manhunter Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe Fan Edit-Render by vampireheart
I don't pretend to understand it.: 1,068 Pageviews

3) 2001 Justice League Team Silhouette Design by Tommy Tejeda : 1,139 Pageviews
I'm so very proud that of all the material I write and scan for this blog, it's the stuff I ganked from other sites and threw up that reigns over all.

2) Female Versions of Green Lantern and Martian Manhunter by Mitch Foust: 1,510 Pageviews
A top selection for almost the entire life of the blog. Rule 63 brings out the weirdos.

1) Twilight (of the Superheroes): 2,610 Pageviews
Blame Stephanie Meyers for this one, a constant at #1 for years.

Thanks go to TV Tropes as top referring site and Supergirl Comic Box Commentary as top referring blog!


LissBirds said...

This is pretty cool to see!

I wonder what the search is that brings viewers to the female versions of GL and J'onn.

And congrats on being linked at TV Tropes. It's a pretty interesting site--it's easy to lose track of time there looking up all manner of things.

Anj said...

Interesting breakdown of this site and glad to get people to head here!

The visit number is such an odd thing. I often wonder if I could do something to get 'more hits' but then I like my content as it is. So I decide to be happy with whoever decides to take the time to read my Supergirl ramblings.

Diabolu Frank said...

Liss, I lose at least an hour of my life every time I find myself at TV Tropes. One topic bleeds into another into another into another, and that's just sublinks in any one subject page.

Anj, you don't have to change your content to get more hits. Social networking ("Friends of the Blog," Twitter, Facebook, etc.) have proven massively beneficial to other blogs. Rob, Shag, and the Girls Gone Geek swear by it. They're all podcasting now, and that also seems to be beneficial. I kind of like being obscure, since I don't want DOODS telling me how AWESUM Marshan Manhunyr is, but a little effort in that department goes a long way toward hits.

LissBirds said...

All the kewl kids are on Tumblr now. You'll lose your sanity/question your limits of Internet addiction within a month of using it. In no way can it beat Blogger for long, in-depth posts or comment threading.

I always liked how I-HOD was a bit of an unknown place about a mostly-unknown hero. I feel like I'm a member of a country club that's too exclusive to advertise.

Diabolu Frank said...

Exactly! I did a post years ago where I compared this blog to the vastly more popular Aquaman Shrine, and one of my firmest points was that there would never be a fan club like FOAM around here. If you want to sit at the cool kids table, you've got to get into the comment section and strut your stuff. I like personality, I like thoughtfulness, I like arguments, and I like to see it on as many posts as possible. That's more work than most readers want to put in for acceptance, but J'Onn J'Onzz is all about the road less traveled to the diciest destinations on the fringes of the DCU. My experience is that social networking is in direct opposition to the kind of conversations I want to have. Despite the lime green wallpaper, this is a neighborhood lounge, not a disco.