Tuesday, December 18, 2012

2012 “LAST SON OF MARS - Martian Manhunter” reimagined by Pablo Alcalde Fernández

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"Dying after the Mars civil war between the White and Green Martians, J'onn arrived Earth as the sole survivor of his planet, finding his soul mate in The Man Of Steel, and a new family in the members of the JLA."
Pretty much what we already know and love in the Martian, but with an unexpected Midnighter twist on the Manhunter part. This is an extremely thoughtful design in the way it incorporates past costume elements in revolutionary ways (Bloodwynd headgear, One Year Later piping, chest straps into a quasi-girdle, "pie" symbol as asymmetrical emblem.) This is a design I really like that is way too flashy for a Sleuth from Outer Space, but would be fantastic tweaked for a villain or fellow hero.

Speaking of the Vile Menagerie, Despero has gotten loose from this blog again, but see if you can track him down amidst the following artist showcase links...

Pablo Alcalde Fernández


will_in_chicago said...

Like J'Onn's current outfit, this costume does not scream detective. However, it is a good fighting costume. Maybe save it for an ally for J'Onn. We will see if he gets any in his back up feature.

Omega Agent1 said...

This is a good rendition but I agree that it's to front row for the detective.

And I'm now on the hunt for Despero. Catch you in a few.

Arthur Canning said...

That MM redesign is reeaally nice ..well done.