Friday, August 2, 2013

Suiting the Sleuth From Outer Space #11

This is obviously a minuscule color test blown way up, and it's not like I put much stock in the notion to begin with. See, I was playing with anti-Superman influences, and the classic Daxamite Legion of Super-Heroes member Mon-El has been known to wear a suit that reverses the Kryptonian's colors. This is pretty much the exact same costume as the Silver Age Lar Gand, but at the time I was stealing it, the character had switched to a red & black number with a star pattern. During the post-Zero Hour reboot period, to distance Lar Gand further from his earlier mistaken ties to Krypton, he changed his codename to M'Onel, Martian for "He Who Wanders." Last time I checked, he was back to Mon-El, though "Valor" is still available if he ever wants it back.

Pooping on the DCU

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