Thursday, October 4, 2007

Legends of the DC Universe 3-D Gallery: Martian Manhunter by Tom Mandrake (12/1998)

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Continuing in the lighter vein, here's a 3-D pin-up by Martian Manhunter series artist Tom Mandrake. J'Onn J'Onzz bustin' his way through yet another villain created for his rogue's gallery to only ever make one appearance, Antares. Well, I guess this would technically be his first appearance of two, unless you count the two month jump of Legends of the DC Universe 3-D Gallery #1 as just a promotional piece. Clearly, a lot of the pin-ups were unused covers and such, but hey, better to see some of these beauties in some format than to never see them at all. I still have a few pairs of 3-D glasses from my comic shop days, and while I swear by "Valiant Vision®" as THE premier cheeseball comic book 3-D effect, this image works spectacularly in the ol'red/blue method. In fact, my scan worked better that the printed page, which is why I just HAD to post a hi-res version. Antares cyber-armpit comes right freakin' out of the monitor, man!

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