Sunday, December 30, 2007

Toyfare Magazine #90 (Dec 2004)

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Robert Pope, frequent contributor to the Cartoon Network/Johnny DC line, was commissioned by DC Comics to produce this Justice League animated series take on the classic Crisis on Infinite Earths #7 cover. I have to wonder if George Pérez gets a little twitch when he realizes that probably the most famous image he will ever draw was essentially a multi-generational swipe, most closely resembling a John Byrne "Uncanny X-Men" cover. I'm pretty confident Byrne's got that twitch.

Moving on, sorry for the last minute post this Sunday. It figures that during the Crisis series I'd run into technical difficulties (My roommate drowned our wireless router. You read that right. It only got better after I bought another.) As an added bonus, with the addition of this piece, the Twelve Days of Crisis now number either thirteen (if you count the two Christmas entries) or eleven. Vibrational frequencies are a pain, let me tell you.

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