Monday, March 28, 2011

2011 "Teen Vogue" Miss Martian by ArtNerdEm

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I was going to run another installment of the "'60s Martian Manhunter movie" so that I could get one in for the month of March, but it's been kind of quiet lately, so I hesitated. I also remembered that I've been meaning to have a Miss Martian Monday for a couple of weeks now, but kept missing my window. Corrected, and I'd better get on the ball from now on. With Young Justice on the air, there will probably be a avalanche of material to cover.

The complete piece above features Koriand'r, Raven, Kara Zor-El, Barbara Gordon, M'gann M'orzz, Mary Jane Watson, Doreen Green, Laura Kinney, Kitty Pryde and Jubilation Lee. Without the S-shield I would have guessed Halo, I very much needed the Magen David, and especially the X symbol, because I almost called out Nico Minoru instead. The DC diehards might think some of that was migraine-induced gibberish. There certainly were a lot of hyphens and apostrophes.

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LissBirds said...

While M'gann looks cute in just about anything, those shoes are killing me Bonus points for the flowery headband, though.