Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Mighty Ool of Saturn

Ool was the green-skinned ruler of the planet Saturn circa 1939. Reigning from a great city which shared his name, Ool was quick-tempered and generally unreasonable. After the great waters of Saturn dried up, Ool sent Gorla to Earth to determine its suitability as a new home for his people. Ool was warned off from Earth by the magician Zatara, who caused the city of Ool to vanish as a demonstration or power. Despite his returning the city, Ool repeatedly tried to murder Zatara out of anger and fear of his power. A final spectacle convinced Ool that he was no match for Zatara, and he vowed to live in peace with the planet forever. Zatara in turn helped show Ool how to make Saturn inhabitable again.

The green-skinned Ool's large white mustache and temperament strongly resembled the Red Saturnian military leader Jogarr of modern times. Ool wore a golden helmet, and red-orange cape with a blue cabochon. Ool had blue gloves, belt and sash, while his legs were covered by maroon skirt.

First Appearance: Action Comics #16 (September, 1939)
Quote: "Such insolence! I'll tear your tongue out!"

Golden Age Day

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