Thursday, March 17, 2011

Gorla of Saturn

Gorla was the green-skinned Saturnian sent to Earth to determine it's suitability as a new home for the Saturnian race. Gorla claimed to be one of the handsomest of the royal princes, but neither Ool nor Poora displayed any strong familial bond with him. Like Ool, Gorla was extremely arrogant and prone to rash violence. While on Earth, Gorla transformed into a "triangular thing," due to the effects of cosmic rays. While in this form, Gorla could communicate telepathically, levitate, project psychic attacks, and manipulate solid objects through energy appendages. Gorla threatened to burn an Earthling with his touch, but never actually demonstrated this power.

Gorla managed to get the better of Zatara after a failed assassination attempt, sending the magician back to Saturn for study. Zatara proved more than the Saturnians could handle, and Gorla was called back home, where he was restored to his normal appearance. Gorla dressed similarly to Poora, but had a full head of brown-purple hair.

First Appearance: Action Comics #16 (September, 1939)
Quote: "I command you, Earthman, to render obedience unto me, or I shall burn you to a crisp!"

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