Wednesday, March 30, 2011

JLA #90 (Janury, 2004)

“'Peace is found within.' No one understands that better than I do…but actually finding said peace is significantly more complicated than that simple aphorism implies.”

“I know, J'Onn. I know. Your machine is just a tool, not a panacea for the ills of the soul. The Martian equivalent of the Oracle of Delphi.”

Wonder Woman had decided to use a device of the Martian Manhunter's to determine the full extent of her recently emerging romantic feelings toward Batman, this time under the Manhunter’s supervision. J’Onn warned that “The Transconsciousness Articulator does not tell the future, Diana. It's not a gateway to divine knowledge. It's a window to the subconscious... Walking your dreams is no alternative to living your reality.” J'Onzz acted as an unseen hand to help guide Diana through several possible realities in a relationship with Batman, most less that ideal. Afterward, both Diana and Bruce decided to call the whole thing off.

"Perchance..." was by Joe Kelly, Chriscross & Tom Nguyen. For Wonder Woman's side of the story click here

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