Thursday, April 11, 2013

2011 “J'onn Kyle Slash This Close” fan art by “Codename Eternity”

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So, this has been a notable day for my internet searching of filler material to post while feeling uninspired. Whereas stumbling upon naughty drawings of J'Onn J'Onzz, Gypsy, and especially M'gann M'orzz rarely even registers as odd for me anymore, I encountered my first Despero fan porn image today. In case it wasn't obvious, I wasn't actually seeking to see the Silver Age Despero use his telepathy to do... that... but once it passed my gaze, I decided to run an active search. This was an unfortunate error in judgment, since it led my virgin eyes to some serious J'Onn/Despero gay grinding action, and I could have just kept right on living my life without those images in my head. I like to imagine Proposition 8 being on the bubble in California, and then proponents started waving these around, sending the victorious amendment to the Supreme Court. Anyway, since we aim to keep it PG around here most days, how about some Green Lantern Kyle Rayner slash imagery instead? It may be too intense for some viewers, but compared to that other stuff, I find it positively sweet and decidedly delicate. Plus, the one boot on/one off thing amuses me.


LissBirds said...

Slash is just one of those things, like competitive cup stacking, that I will never understand. All the slash on Tumblr kind of traumatized me....because no character/historical figure/actor/fictional character is safe there.

Diabolu Frank said...

Honestly, I think it all comes down to repression. Guys have had decades of ample indulgence in sapphic fantasy, to the point where female bisexuality is socially acceptable, if not outright encouraged. Catering material continues to be produced, but it's a niche interest that doesn't rate much conversation anymore.

Male homosexuality/bisexuality has remained scorned, though obviously tolerance has improved tremendously in recent decades. Women indulging in slash is a comparatively recent phenomenon, and it's still kind of a big thing to portray male-on-male sensuality. It'll always be some people's kick, but societally speaking, it matters right now because it's still a controversial topic. People aren't comfortable with it yet, and artists are always drawn toward confronting such issues. In another twenty years, it'll be passé.

Just never forget that the rule of 34 will always apply. Obscurity is the only thing keeping Zook safe.

LissBirds said...

That's an interesting take on it--I think that explains it for adults. What I don't get is how many young fans are slashing all sorts of characters...I guess perhaps it boils down to the jealousy factor: why draw/write a favorite male character in love with a female character, who would hypothetically be a rival to the reader, when the reader can put two male characters together and preserve her hypothetical chances with both male characters? Plus, I think there's as aspect of humor to it, I guess....the 2012 presidential primary season was rough on Tumblr...I never could imagine the kind of subtext that some people can put into the strangest places....politicians, really?

You better keep Zook's profile under the radar then....