Wednesday, April 24, 2013

2012 The Prophet Comicpalooza Commission by Damon Bowie

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The Art of Bowie Biography:
"Born and raised in the cultural melting pot that is the city of New Orleans, Bowie has been a professional artist since the age of 16.

He has worked in the Design and Illustration field in New Orleans for the largest fabricator to the Entertainment Industry in the Gulf South. As Art Director and Chief of Design he has helped create parades, sculpture, and elaborate settings for commercial clients and private organizations for over 13 years.

Throughout that time he has made a supplemental living with efforts including comic book projects as well as many Art Prints he made available for public sale. He has also been a contributing artist to the Tabasco Brand of Sportswear and Chiliwear apparel company has been a large personal client . These days, Bowie has been busy as a Conceptual artist, as well doing tons of personal Commissions for clients all over the world.

With the advent of digital painting, Bowie expanded his horizons and began offering color work for clients as well as expanding on his own portfolio driven by his love of his craft. Never satisfied with paint bucket fills and airbrushing, Bowie pushed himself to develop techniques to give his art the desired "punch" he was looking for.

The Iconic Series of work and his approach to the Fan Art he offers is a lifelong ambition finally realized for Bowie. There are plans for future series of the seminal works with more exciting art to come.

Bowie's pastimes include Illustrating...obviously, movies, hot rods, writing, and enjoying time with his wife and children."

The Prophet remains a useful character when the Vile Menagerie needs a boost in the powerhouse department. The Alien Atlas' foes haven't always been able to trade blows with heavy hitters, they're often not visually arresting in a commercial sense, and they sometimes don't stand up as conceptual counterparts. The Prophet bucks that trend by being a sort of evil Thor with a solid design whose intergalactic religious fanaticism would naturally pit him against a follower of H'ronmeer. Martian Manhunter Special #1 wouldn't exactly reach my top twenty (50? 100?) list of favorite tales for the Sleuth from Outer Space, but Paul Kupperberg and Mike Collins designed a decent foe to validate the book's existence.

Damon Bowie's commissions have been a joy for me. His tight, unabridged figures are crisply inked, making them dynamic, easy to scan, and a breeze to color (even with my paltry MSPaint skillz.) I opted to give the Prophet such treatment for one of the blog's banner collages, and it turned out well enough to double as a sidebar icon. This 9" x 12" sketch board piece was done on Saturday, between Glenn Gammeron and B'rett, serving as my favorite of the three. I love Bowie's $20 flat rate for a single figure, though I'm very tempted to hit him up for a full team if I ever get another chance. His attention to detail also make me want to go for a "War of the Worlds: 1984" triptych for Hunter Commander J'enn, the Marshal and Challenger, so there's another option. As one of the most consistent quality artists at Comicpalooza 2012, and I sincerely hope he shows up this year for more!

Check out Bowie's deviantART gallery, After the Dream web comic, Christian art prints, commission list, or the links below for additional goodness...

Intense Yellow Studios


Luke said...

The Prophet has one of the big "must haves" for a super villain in that he has an awesome pair of giant boots!

Diabolu Frank said...

Could do without the crotch window, though.