Wednesday, November 6, 2013

The Vile Menagerie: THE B'OOL SPORATH

Occupation: Predators
Marital Status: None
Known Relatives: Yes
Group Affiliation: Yes
Base of Operations: Mobile
First Appearance: Martian Manhunter #32 (July, 2001)
Length: 20'+
Eyes: Unknown
Hair: Sparse

As a child, J'Onn J'Onzz heard ancient stories of "The Bloodworms of Mars! They were the destroyers who dissolved my people with their terrible acids and drank the remains!" The Manhunter from Mars was chilled to find similar activities occurring on modern day Earth, in Denver, Colorado. He consulted his Ancestor Crystals for more information.

"B'ool Sporath... The Destroyers... The Drinkers of our Souls... The only species on our world that we feared... They could burst upon us anywhere, even in our homes... disgorging their vile acids before we could act to save ourselves or our families. Our bodies completely liquefied... they would feast on the remains."

"For the first time in history, Whites and Greens worked together against a common foe. Together, we developed a desperate plan. We used ourselves as bait, luring the B'ool Sporath into our small space shuttles... As the doors snapped shut, we phased through the walls. The shuttle was sent to smash into our moon, Phobos, but even the force of impact did not kill them all! Finally, we blasted Phobos with plasma weapons, destroying the last of the B'ool Sporath and freeing us forever from their terror."

During his investigation, J'Onzz discovered an abandoned White Martian base deep under Denver that he believed was thousands of years old. He determined that it was a lab for genetic experimentation, and found modified versions of the type of incubation units used for White offspring. Units had been torn open from the inside out, and there were remains present that recalled the B'ool Sporath. J'Onzz theorized that the Whites diverted some of their exile shuttles to Earth in order to create a breeding project to potentially weaponize the B'ool Sporath against the Greens. However, the Whites likely lost control of their experiment, to disastrous results that were now revisiting Earth.

The three present day B'ool Sporath were attracted to telepathy, feasting on humans with latent abilities and tracking J'Onn J'Onzz across the globe once his presence was made known to them. The Alien Atlas realized that since the B'ool Sporath's acid didn't typically break down human bone, he could construct an armor against it out of calcium, phosphate, carbonite, fibrous connective protein and collagen. The Martian Manhunter was able to fly the B'ool Sporath to the upper atmosphere, so that they themselves burned to mere bones upon reentry. Only one viable bloodworm egg was left in the Whites' lab, which was taken to J'Onn J'Onzz's temple in the Gobi Desert for safekeeping.

Powers & Weapons:
The Bloodworms of Mars were many times the size and breadth of an average Martian. Their large claws could rend metal and rock with ease, allowing them to burrow at speeds that nearly matched a Martian in flight. The B'ool Sporath could appear virtually anywhere, suddenly and without warning, to expel an extremely volatile acid from their mouths at a target. The acid was powerful enough to completely liquefy a Martian's body in short order. The immature B'ool Sporath found on Earth appeared to have a far less potent acid, which failed to do serious permanent harm to the Martian Manhunter when it struck him on the arm. The earthen B'ool Sporath's acid also had a limited term of potency before breaking down harmlessly, and was unable to destroy human bone material. It is unknown whether this was true for the original Martian bloodworms. The B'ool Sporath were primitive telepaths who could "press" against the psyche of an experienced mentalist, which may have contributed to their natural fortitude against such attacks made against themselves. Once they had a telepath's "scent," they would track them relentlessly across great distances. Fantastically sturdy creatures, the B'ool Sporath could yet succumb to vast extremes of heat.


Created by Tom Mandrake

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