Saturday, November 9, 2013

Tybalt Bak'sar vs. The Cheetah

Tybalt Bak'sar
Debut: 2000
Nemesis: Green Lantern Abin Sur
Other Major Foes: Green Lantern Corps, Guardians of the Universe, Martian Manhunter
Appearances: 1 comic
Powers: Enhanced strength, durability and longevity coupled with an arsenal of advanced personal weaponry that allows flight.

A terrorist who destroyed his own planet rather than allowing its continued slavery, Tybalt Bak'sar is similarly ruthless toward any who would defy his overwhelming rage.

Vile Menagerie Stats
Win: 0
Lose: B'rett (-1), The Prophet (4-8)
Draw: 0

The Cheetah
Debut: 1943
Nemesis: Wonder Woman
Appearances: 300+ original comics, extensive use in animation, as well as toys and video games.
Powers: Enhanced senses and physical attributes, especially speed and agility, as well as magical claws.

The Cheetahs have embodied the "cattiness" of women against one another across three generations of name-bearers who have stood as Wonder Woman's most popular adversaries. Priscilla Rich was a jealous socialite with a split personality who wished to destroy the Amazing Amazon. Deborah Domaine was an innocent brainwashed into evil by the terroristic cult of Kobra. Dr. Barbara Minerva was an afflicted archaeologist who compensated by abusing magical artifacts to become a lethal were-creature.

Vile Menagerie Stats:
Win: 0
Lose: 0
Draw: 0

Idol Speculation:
I've read a lot of theories on how to "fix" Wonder Woman, and submit that one of the most important corrections is to make the Cheetah matter. Pre-Crisis, the villainess was a crazy Catwoman way beneath Princess Diana's attention as a threat. Post-Crisis, she's one of dozens of were-cat chicks distinguishable solely by being the one who fights Wonder Woman (and still not especially credibly.) The New 52 provided a perfect opportunity to rediscover the subtext of the Cheetah lost with the passing of William Moulton Marston, or at least jazz up her powers, but it instead went with the typical tepid variation that altered Minerva just enough to be annoying without correcting anything. Cheetah's still an underwhelming wimp and a dull genre trope buoyed only by historical significance and people's enduring affection for all things Tigra.

Tybalt Bak'sar isn't fractionally as well known as the Cheetah, but he took on J'Onn J'Onzz and a Green Lantern while outfitted by the Weaponers of Qward. He destroyed a planet before that on his own. Dude's a pimp, and could throw Cheetah into a sack into a river...


will_in_chicago said...

I fear that Tybalt would make a rug out of any of the versions of Cheetah. Also, he could be used to portray a danger to heroes -- the self righteous individual who becomes little different than those that they oppose.

Diabolu Frank said...

Furry Fury: Zapherian vs. Were-Feline

Tybalt Bak'sar 66.67% (4 votes)
The Cheetah 33.33% (2 votes)
Total 6 votes