Saturday, November 3, 2007

Aquaman Secret Files & Origins #1 (12/98)

After the voluminous text relating to the Chris Claremont "Scary Monsters" mini-series, I'd hoped a description of one panel of a comic featuring Justice League Detroit would give everyone a break. Not so much it seems, though that's probably one of my favorite synopsises I've ever written, and no tears were shed. In an attempt to make up, here's a clipped together sequence relating to Aquaman's time in the League by Erik Larsen, Mike Miller, and Saleem Crawford.

As an aside, several artists in this time period were drawing the Martian Manhunter with gold bracelets. I don't believe their appearances nor disappearance was ever explained. They looked terrible, and I don't know how exactly J'Onn became an honorary Amazon, specifically with cuffs to match his cape pins...

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