Thursday, November 1, 2007

Scary Monsters #5 (9/03)

J'Onn J'Onzz and Kishana Lewis shared a bed, and a dream, beginning with the events that led to the death of Lewis’ fellows, Gerry, Rudy, and Simeon. With a tear rolling down her cheek, Kishana said, "They deserved so much better."
"Sometimes, Kishana, we choose the battle. Sometimes the battle chooses us. Fate is not fair."
"Part of me wishes I'd died with them."
"As I wish I had on Mars, with my own wife and family. But I was chosen for another purpose. And so, it seems, were you."

Kishana gasped at the sight of a white buffalo, until she was distracted by a white bird overhead, which landed on the shoulder of the newly revealed White Buffalo Woman. "She brought the awareness of life to the people of the plains. In a way, without her, we wouldn’t even be human. And that bird on her shoulder, that can only be--! With a clap that sent Kishana and J'Onn reeling, Thunderbird created sonic force waves with its wings. These visions, including the return of her possessed friends, were intended to help Lewis come to terms with her mission as the descendant of Abel Carmody and the shaman's granddaughter.

William Hume, the resort manager and longtime possessed pawn, opened the doors of the fortress to allow his masters entry. Diana, still struggling with her condition, was the first on defensive. Superman, Batman, and the Martian Manhunter were called next, just after J'Onn had presented the World's Finest pair with his lover's true nature. "I am not of this world, Kishana. I play at being human, but I am not. By nature and by choice, I have stood apart from your passions. I have observed the emotion you call love... but rarely experienced its passion! It is hard for me to leave you. Yet to save you, I must." Lewis replied, “Come back quick, J’Onn. Come back safe. I’ll be waiting.”

While the Kryptonian and the Martian flew off, the Batman tried to drag Kishana down to the catacombs. "I'm staying! ...I saved J'Onn, doesn't that count for something? The monsters believe I'm important, even if you don't! Can you really afford to throw away any potential asset?" Batman appreciated the American Indian lore regarding the demons and a fabled guardian, though going too deep into metaphysics bothered him. Kishana agreed to the Caped Crusader's tutelage in accessing her abilities. "Twice now, with J'Onn on the astral plane, I transformed into an avatar of pure flame. He said it was like looking at the spark of creation that brought the universe to life. If there were beings who existed before that moment... maybe they want revenge for being evicted."

Just after Jade arrived to support the Amazing Amazon on defense, Wonder Woman’s adulteration was completed, and she downed the emerald heroine. Seeking a final resolution, Superman and the Martian Manhunter decided to attempt to activate a dormant volcano under Black Spirit Lake with their heat vision. "This will trigger an eruption on a scale that hasn't been seen since this world was born. The ecological consequences will be devastating, Superman." It would be Green Lantern's job to contain their scope. "If he fails, my friend, our actions will leave this world as barren as its moon." Much ado about nothing, as the Scary Monsters immediately froze the site and relaunched hostilities against the heroes.

By Chris Claremont, Joshua Hood and Sean Parsons.


Bookgal said...

I do love the pic of Kishana and J'onn asleep together. Okay I am a sappy girl. :P

Diabolu Frank said...

It's still strange for me to think of J'Onn J'Onzz having normal, getcher freakon, between the sheets monkey sex. If it's going to happen though, that's about the prettiest, classiest way to bring the point home. Josh Hood did good.

Bookgal said...

Yeah thats true...I just found it a tender pic, although I notice they hardly seem to be touching each other (I'd expect they might be spooning or something.) Maybe its Standards and Practice or soemthing.

Yeah, I guess I didn't really think of it like that...I imagine martians don't really have terrestrial sex...if I remember correctly its more that they kind of merge together....

Diabolu Frank said...

I think there's symbolism there... the way both characters are trying to reach one another by hand, but can't quite connect. They're also dealing with nightmares in their shared slumber on the astral plane, sacrificing intimacy to face the immediate threat to themselves and others.

Most importantly, we now know J'Onn keeps his cape buckles on the nightstand! ;)

Bookgal said...

I did notice that, and I thought it was great. Very cute!

OOH! Good point aboutt the pose. I didn't think of it that way,k and now that you say it its a great symbolism!