Friday, April 3, 2009

1994 Skybox Superman: Man of Steel Platinum Series Card #40

Living Legends!

Superman and the other legendary heroes of Earth joined in resisting Darkseid's insidious plot to turn Earth's inhabitants against them. Together, they thwarted Darkseid's minions and restored humanity's faith in her heroes.

Painted By: Joe Phillips

Sorry the textured silver foil border didn't scan, as it's pretty ginchy. Pictured above is the Justice League that came out of the 1987 Legends mini-series, meaning the one that lasted less than a year. Let's see, there's the Wally West Flash (just upgraded from Kid Flash, but wouldn't join until "JL Europe" a couple years later,) Green Lantern Guy Gardner, Black Canary (soon to lose her powers, membership, and that awful '80s costume,) J'Onn J'Onzz, Dr. Fate (Kent Nelson, soon to die and, by extension, desert,) Batman (reduced status after #7,) Wonder Woman (new incarnation, and a member of JLE for exactly one issue, not to really join until 1993) Captain Marvel (out after six months,) Blue Beetle and Superman (joined 1992.)


Bookgal said...

J'onn looks like his morning Oreos aren't sitting well!

Can I say that I love Captain Marvels huge cheese grin! So him!

Diabolu Frank said...

J'Onn looks more perplexed than agitated-- like he can see far enough into the future to know these guys would soon be replaced by Global Guardians and more Charlton characters. Maybe he saw Power Girl's Atlantean retcon, as well. Metamorpho-Baby?