Sunday, April 26, 2009

2007 Jim Starlin Martian Manhunter Convention Sketch

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While I was working on the fan fiction "cover" for Manhunter from Mars #199 (February 1981), I found myself in need of a good Jim Starlin image of the classic Adam Strange costume. Dissatisfied with much of what I was finding in Google and Yahoo searches, I turned to Comic Art Fans Galleries & Marketplace, an excellent storehouse of scans featuring original works. I was pleased to learn that a fellow named Michael Dunne had posted a perfect Adam Strange piece for my little collage, and decided to scan through all the search results under "Jim Starlin" to see if I uncovered any other surprises. Sure enough, a fellow named Mike White (aka Off White) had offered up this convention sketch of the Manhunter from Mars. Most of the quality Starlin reference I had of J'Onn J'Onzz was from after 1997, which meant he had the big upturned collar, which would have been anachronistic in "1981." The image was perfect for what I had in mind... if you don't factor in all the time I spend playing with contrast, whiting out, resizing, reorienting, recoloring, and filtering the art. All worth it, as I envy Mr. White a great deal for possessing such a treasure.


Luke said...

Oh MAN is that ever SWEET.

I have only started top get turned onto Starlin's work in the last few years, but man, that guy does "dynamic power" as good as anyone I have ever seen.

Diabolu Frank said...

Starlin (Pre-'90s) is among my top 5 favorite creators of all time.