Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Ambush Bug: Year None #5 (1/2009)

In a story by Keith Giffen with Robert Loren Fleming and Al Milgrom, we learned that Ambush Bug's old frat buddy was none other than DC Comics Executive Editor Dan Didio. Further, Ambush Bug had just accidentally killed Dan, which was okay, since he was now the unstoppable force behind the terrific darkness that had overtaken the DCU in recent years. Using the fabled Blue Pencil of Schwartzamotto, Didio turned Wonder Woman into a killer, Superman into a leach, and gave Batman a potty mouth. Learning that even all-pervasive death and destruction can get boring, Didio then unleashed the Anti-Sales Equation, which caused the collapse of the Direct Market.

Go-Go Chex and Saki Toomi captured Ambush Bug, and tried to warn him of Didio's systematically destroying every planet in the Multiverse. Didio had been resurrected, as "Even grim death failed to stop this insatiable powermonger! Like the many characters he killed, revived and killed again, he has transcended mortality to become a shaper of worlds! And these are but a few of his countless victims!" Among them, one J'Onn J'Onzz.

Ambush Bug dismissed these warning and teleported away. "...and this guy never shuts up! Blah! Blah! Blah!" Yet, when the Bug returned home, he learned his wife Dumb Bunny held a lengthy phone conversation with Didio about how much he liked Ambush. The Bug realized this truly wasn't the Didio he knew, but not before Go-Go Chex and Saki Toomi had been murdered, with Dumb Bunny likely Dan's next victim!

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