Thursday, April 30, 2009

How Do You Feel About Mongul As a Martian Manhunter Villain?

You like him-- you really like him. 86% of poll respondents (myself included) are fans of Mongul the Merciless, while 69% gave him the thumbs-up as a Martian Manhunter villain. I guess there's a mandate to give Mongul an entry in the Vile Menagerie, and since I'm behind on my monthly installments, it will likely be sooner than later. I've also got to put together the final part to my fake cover/fan fiction pre/sequel trilogy in the relatively near future. I'm glad folks seem not to have completely hated "The March of Mongul," but don't expect me to ever devote so little time to the Martian Manhunter for an entire month again. I came to regret the extended shift in focus. I apologize especially to the 13% of blog readers who are flat out disdainful regarding Mongul. You're Martian Manhunter fans, and I shouldn't have made you suffer through so much distraction from why you come here.

Results of a poll conducted in April 2009 of 29 readers and one proprietor of The Idol-Head of Diabolu, a blog for J'Onn J'Onzz, the Manhunter from Mars.
20 Votes (66%): I think Mongul is a fine addition to the Manhunter rogues gallery!
6 Votes (20%) I dig Mongul, but he's more of a Superman/GL/DCU foe.
1 Votes (3%) I don't like Mongul, but I guess he's a decent Manhunter villain.
3 Votes (10%) I don't care about Mongul one way or the other.

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