Sunday, April 3, 2011

1992 Venev Alien Parasite Model Sheet by Arthur Adams

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Thanks to the six arms, Venev was one of the easiest Bloodlines parasites to identify while in alien form. I confess, I can't really tell most of the winged ones apart, especially Lissik and Pritor (at least without color.) I'd probably have trouble with Slodd too, if he had survived past one appearance. At least Gemir had batwings to clue me in. I can kind of tell Angon because of her larger size, but if the others' wings were down, I wouldn't bet on it. Venev was a bit more wiry and monochromatic green, so she really stood out from Glonth, who was the other quick tell. Fat and hairy was also distinctive, but being orange and purple of all combinations never hurt. One more confession: I thought those were lights firing out of the parasites' space vessel, until I realized it was actually a back view of Venev without her arms in the way.

Venev uses Martian Manhunter to establish scale, which pleases me immensely. I love Art Adams' take on the character, and J'Onn was sidelined from the event until the closing bookend Bloodbath because of the Bloodwynd fiasco, so at least her got this nice nod. If I recall correctly, that last book was the only instance where the Manhunter and his own identity parasite teamed-up after the "divorce". Every other co-appearance, they were ships passing in the night.

There's a fresh batch of Bloodlines Parasite scans taken from reference material sent out to creators on the annual event, and they're courtesy of "The Online Home of Chuck Dixon," THE DIXONVERSE!. Check out all of his offerings in this gallery! I've also been known to cover characters related to Bloodlines pretty extensively.

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