Sunday, April 24, 2011


K'Don-Fete, "The Little Feast," was one of the most important holidays in Martian civilization. It was "a time to celebrate peace, friendship... but most importantly... family."

First Appearance: JLA/Cyberforce (2005)


will_in_chicago said...

I would argue that family is something that is important to J'Onn and many heroes in the DC Universe. (Batman, for all of his portrayal as a loner, does have a family around him with some characters in it stretching back to the Golden Age.)

Diabolu Frank said...

Indeed, family has been one of the few continuity through lines for J'Onn. One of his first stories had him contacting his parent, there were the trips to Earth by brothers T'omm and Ma'alefa'ak, and of course his wife and daughter. Heck, even his granny got referenced in the '80s.