Sunday, February 17, 2013

2008 “Future Justice” fan art by TineaK

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"These are some characters I developed for my 'Legacy of Supergirl' comic.

I may color them in later, when I get some better quality pencils.

The characters are(from left to right,)
Top row:
Erelah Stuart- Green Lantern
Barry West- Flash IV
Kara Lucy Kent- Supergirl
Thomas Kyle-Wayne- Batman
Troia Faraday- Wondergirl
Bottom row:
Iris West- Flashgirl
Su Mei K'hym Jones(J'onzz)- Jade Dragon

You should probably be able to guess whos parents are whos.

Tell me what you think!

Actually, I'm not at all sure with whom (or how, come to think of it) the Manhunter from Mars conceived another daughter. If this had been drawn right now, I might guess Katana, but five years ago? Someone from the Great Ten? Alan Scott's kid?

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