Tuesday, February 5, 2013

2012 “Martian Manhunter Concept” color art by “Diniece Harseik”

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"FINALLY. A finished Martian Manhunter design. X3

If it were up to me, J'onn would primarily rely on his shape-shifting abilities in combat rather than his other powers. They were on a great track in Justice League: Doom - having Martian shift into different forms deriving from his homeworld's animal kingdom. Whut? Alien animals? Hecks yes, I approve.

He's looking pretty genderless here, mostly because I'm still mulling over the character's sex. ... Huh. Genderless might be interesting. 8P

I'm... I'm very tired. I dunno what else to type. xD"
The artist appears to be working on some sort of personal Elseworlds type project involving the JLA, and after long hours redesigning the Manhunter from Mars ends up with... D'Kay D'Razz? Don't even try to tell me that is anyone but the crazy tatted-up chica from Brightest Day, regardless of intentions. I think this is the best piece in the gallery, which is highly unusual for Alien Atlas art. There's all sorts of weird digital debris embedded within the original PNG though, but not this here JPEG.

As for the artist's comments, I must disagree. If you focus on shape-shifting battles, it all becomes a bit Merlin versus Mad Madam Mim. The point of having a hero with so many diverse powers is to offer circumstances that would require them and the imagination to employ them well. If you focus on a green-skinned shapeshifter, you get Beast Boy. If you focus on telepathy, you get Professor X. Invisible Woman, Phantom Girl, Cyclops... there's a hero who specializes in every aspect of the Manhunter's arsenal. It's the mingling of powers that sets apart the Sleuth from Outer Space, not any one alone.

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will_in_chicago said...

J'Onn should indeed use a variety of tactics against foes, and keep them guessing. This is probably one reason why he mopped the floor with the Justice League -- he could anticipate their moves and counter them with telepathy and keep them guessing.