Sunday, June 9, 2013

2011 Marvel Two-in-One: The Lost Issues: The Thing and The Martian Manhunter

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It's been a long while since I covered Ross' many make believe team-ups between J'Onn J'Onzz and other super-heroes, so you might want to take a gander at The Brave and the Bold: Batman and The Martian Manhunter or "Super-Team Family: Martian Manhunter and Beta Ray Bill". That last one was my favorite of the three, since the two Walt Simonson images laid rather seamlessly together, but I do love how well Art Adams' Ben Grimm mingled into one of my favorite Jim Starlin Alien Atlas covers. In case you missed it, the Sleuth from Outer Space actually did tangle with the Ever-Lovin' Blue-Eyed Thing in DC versus Marvel for all of one panel back in the '90s. I tend to think the Martian Marvel would be the one to ultimately come out on top, regardless of what this "cover" depicts.

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will_in_chicago said...

I think that J'Onn would beat the Thing. He might have some problem with Johnny Storm, but the Martian Manhunter has overcome fiery opponents. (I am not sure to what extent the New 52 Martian Manhunter has a fire weakness, but it can be overcome.)