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Martian Sightings for February, 2003

Martian Manhunter
JLA #78
Written by Joe Kelly; art and cover by Doug Mahnke & Tom Nguyen
In stores February 26.

With the new line-up in place, the Justice League intercepts a malevolent alien signal that threatens a nearby planetary system. Now the JLA must make the gut-wrenching decision: to maintain neutrality in a galactic conflict or to interfere in foreign politics by conducting a preemptive strike of its own. Either way, the consequences just might be cosmos-shattering!

FC, 32 pg. $2.25

Written by J.M. DeMatteis; art and cover by Darryl Banks and Paul Neary
In stores February 26.

The shocking conclusion of the 2-issue Prestige Format miniseries! The JLA, powerless to combat the terrifying extra-dimensional entity known as the Trans, reluctantly agrees to accept help from the Spectre. But unfortunately for the JLA, in order to preserve life on Earth as we know it, The Spectre must kill the Justice League!

FC, 48 pg. Prestige Format (2 of 2) $5.95

Written by Scott McCloud; art by John Delaney and John K. Snyder III; cover by Butch Lukic
In stores February 5.

Acclaimed writer Scott McCloud (UNDERSTANDING COMICS, SUPERMAN ADVENTURES) offers a deadly game of "Hide and Seek!" There's a traitor within the Justice League, and only the most alienated member - Martian Manhunter - can put the clues together before the betrayal leads to the end of the League…and perhaps the Earth.

FC, 32 pg. $2.25

Written by Jim Starlin; art by Mike Mignola and Carlos Garzon; cover by Mignola
In stores February 5.

A new edition collecting the 4-part epic that rocked the DC Universe! When a threat comes calling that's too big for even Darkseid to handle, whom does he turn to for a helping hand? A collection of DC's biggest heroes, of course! For more information, see the feature article.

FC, 200 pg. Trade paperback $19.95

He is one of the most powerful and feared beings in the universe…but now Darkseid the schemer faces a menace beyond even his great abilities. Now the towering New God must find aid from beyond the boundaries of his realm - forced to seek it in the camp of his enemies. What Darkseid needs…is heroes.

COSMIC ODYSSEY - NEW EDITION is a 200-page trade paperback collecting for the first time in eight years the universe-spanning 1988 epic that rocked the DC Universe. Written by the acclaimed Jim Starlin (BATMAN, Captain Marvel) and featuring art by Mike Mignola (Hellboy) & Carlos Garzon (Star Wars) with a cover by Mignola, COSMIC ODYSSEY finds Superman, Batman, Green Lantern John Stewart, Martian Manhunter, Starfire, the Demon, plus Orion, Lightray and Forager of the New Gods working together with one of the deadliest beings known to man. This eclectic group of heroes must race against time to stop a cosmic entity hell-bent on destroying the galaxy. Do they have what it takes? Or will one hero's brashness spell cataclysmic destruction for an entire world?

COSMIC ODYSSEY is a thrilling, non-stop adventure filled with unrelenting action, intense drama and, ultimately, terrible tragedy - with repercussions that had major lasting impact on the DC universe!

This project is supported with house ads.

COSMIC ODYSSEY - NEW EDITION is a 200-page trade paperback arriving in comic-book stores February 5 with a cover price of $19.95 U.S.

Written by Alan Grant; painted art by Carl Critchlow, Simon Davis, Glenn Fabry, Jon Foster, Rafael Garres, Doug Alexander Gregory, Alex Horley, Herman Mejia, Jim Murray, Andrew Robinson, Liam McCormick-Sharpe, Gregg Staples, Saverio Tenuta, John Watson, and Martin T. Williams; designs by Michael Wm. Kaluta; painted cover by Justin Sweet
ELSEWORLDS. In stores February 5.

The softcover edition of the fully painted graphic novel featuring fantastical recreations of the JLA! In a universe of darkness, a world without a name struggles to heal itself after generations of war. And against murderous odds, a solitary boy must lay claim to his heritage and topple walls of ignorance and fear in order to save his home. For more information, see the feature article.

FC, 104 pg. Softcover $14.95

JSA: THE LIBERTY FILES #1 & #2 - relist
Written by Dan Jolley, Tony Harris and Ray Snyder; art by Harris and Snyder; painted cover by Harris
ELSEWORLDS. In stores February 19. Reoffered to coincide with JSA: THE UNHOLY THREE #1.

World War II is the setting for this atmospheric miniseries starring heroes very much like Batman, Superman and the Golden Age Justice Society of America. The Bat and the Clock, in possession of a Nazi communiqu� confirming the existence of a German "super-man," head to Switzerland, where they are to rendezvous with a former field agent named Terry Sloane, nicknamed "Mister Terrific." Our intrepid heroes follow a twisted trail leading to an explosive battle against Hitler and his troops.

FC, 64 pg. (2 of 2) Prestige Format $6.95

In stores February 5.

Reoffered to coincide with the SUPERGIRL ANIMATED STATUE offered in the September 2002 Previews. Based on the Justice League animated series airing on Cartoon Network! Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Flash, Green Lantern, Martian Manhunter, and Hawkgirl are united to protect the world from whatever may threaten it as the Justice League! Now the heroes of the League have come together in this 24" x 36" poster, a force to be reckoned with...on a poster to be proudly displayed! Quantities are limited. Orders may be allocated.

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