Wednesday, June 18, 2014

The Cobra-Beast vs. Byth

The Cobra-Beast
Debut: 1966
Nemesis: Martian Manhunter
Other Major Foes: Zook
Appearances: One comic story
Powers: Giant-sized, super-strength & durability, regeneration, and explosive forked tongue.

The Cobra-Beast was released from the Diabolu Idol-Head to wreck great destruction.

Vile Menagerie Stats
Win: 0
Lose: The Horn Firing Creature of Gilgana (1-3)
Draw: 0

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Debut: 1961
Nemesis: Hawkman
Other Major Foes: Hawkgirl
Appearances: 50+ comics.
Powers: Heightened senses, super-strength, and exceptional shape-shifting to gigantic proportions.

Bio: A Thanagarian criminal who fled to Earth, prompting the pursuit of Hawkman & Hawkgirl, who settled on the planet.

Vile Menagerie Stats:
Win: 0
Lose: 0
Draw: 0

Idol Speculation:
Byth is very clever and dangerous, plus he has the advantage of flight. However, barring the use of Thanagarian weaponry, Byth doesn't typically have the firepower required to kill the Cobra-Beast, and might very well end up absorbed by it through physical contact. Most importantly, the Cobra-Beast's tongue is devastating to such a degree as to do grievous bodily harm to even a giant Byth, should it strike him.

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Diabolu Frank said...

Byth 75.00% (3)
The Cobra-Beast 25.00% (1)
Total 4 votes