Tuesday, June 24, 2014

The Vile Menagerie: FLUXUS

Alter Ego: None known
Occupation: Alien Invader
Group Affiliation: The Hyperclan, White Martians
Base of Operations: Still Zone, formerly Pacific Ocean
First Appearance: JLA #1 (January, 1997)
Height: Variable, appeared approx. 7'0"
Build: Variable, appeared extremely muscular
Weight: Variable, appeared very heavy
Eyes: Variable, appeared red
Hair: None
Skin: Variable, appeared gray and rock-like

Fluxus arrived with the Hyperclan on the lawn of the White House, their leader claiming them to be a group of wandering alien heroes. Fluxus seemed benevolent, helping seed one of the world's most famous wastelands by tilling the soil with his enlarged hands. In truth though, the Hyperclan were the advance force of a White Martian army freed after millenia from exile in "The Still Zone" and set on conquering Earth. The team systematically negated any resistance, including the JLA, while controlling the minds of humanity through subliminal signals.

The Hyperclan divided into three sub-groups, with one residing in the unearthed Martian base Z'Onn Z'Orr, and the other two constructing massive new bases from scratch. Fluxus and Tronix operated from a "watchtower" in the Pacific Ocean near Midway Island, and attracted the attention of Wonder Woman. Fluxus attacked the Amazing Amazon while using his shapeshifting abilities to disguise himself in a geyser of water. Wonder Woman retaliated with a blow so fierce that it sent Fluxus tumbling hundreds of feet into the water and knocked his headpiece clear off.

The new structure was also due for inspection from Aquaman, who arrived via whale and launched into a verbal row with Princess Diana. She was soon distracted by the aggression of Tronix, while the Sea King attempted to destabilize the watchtower underwater with the help of porpoise. He was struck by Tronix in the form of a whale and sent flying unconscious back aboard the watchtower. Tronix then blasted Wonder Woman with laser beams, and both heroes were captured.

The Hyperclan regrouped at Z'Onn Z'Orr's where other captive JLA members were to be tortured to death. However, the Batman breached security, defeated A-Mortal, and lured a Hyperclan search detail into a flaming trap. Fluxus was bound up with three teammates by the Dark Knight and none participated in the final battle between the JLA and White Martians. The invasion were routed, and Fluxus was punished under the supervision of the Martian Manhunter.

While presumably possessed of the innate abilities seen in most Martians of all colors, the individual White Martians held for millenia in the otherdimensional "Still Zone" displayed a tendency toward heavily favoring only certain of these abilities. It was not clear whether this was a developmental or evolutionary consideration; a matter of aptitude or discipline; perhaps merely an aspect of the Hyperclan charade. In the case of Fluxus, only the power of shape changing was displayed, mostly elongation and animal mimicry. There were elements of superhuman strength and durability in the mix, as well as possible but by no means definite self-contained transmutation.

Fluxus has a catastrophic vulnerability to fire, causing immediate loss of his powers, consciousness, and eventual death under prolonged exposure.

Quote:Explain? What's to explain? We're going to kill you, all of you, and then we're going to enslave this lush little world of yours. What do you think of that? Hmmmm--"

Created by: Grant Morrison & Howard Porter

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