Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Hembeck Strip Day Seven

I had something very specific and time-sensitive I wanted to get done this week, so of course I lost my internet access, removing the "daily" qualifier from this blog for three straight dates. I heartily appologize for this, and as a way of making it up to you all, I've backdated a continuation of the Hembeck strips from December to fill the missing time. I explain the absence here. Unlike the Idol-Head, the ...nurgh... flows as it pleases, and will allow for no retroactive posting. However, I launched into a goofy defense of Iron Man last Thursday that I'll be picking up on tomorrow. As for here, I wasn't sure when I would return, so planned strip segments through Thursday, a scam I'll stick with barring public outcry. I'm glad my hit counts weren't hurt by this lapse, and hope folks "dug through the back issues" here while time permitted. Everything should be back on track for an interesting week to come. Also, the same links and text are on each of the previous days, so if you read/click them once, it's all reruns from there...

Back in early December, I began running a portion of Fred Hembeck's comic strip "Between The Panels," which was later expanded into 1980's "Abbott & Costello Meet The Bride of Hembeck (#3)" from Fantaco. I've had other business I wanted to present since then, but as circumstances prevented me from updating over a recent three day weekend, now seems like a perfect time to backdate a continuation of the strip. It would take me a full week to wrap the Martian Manhunter-related portion, so here's my promise of more to come sometime in the (hopefully distant) future.

For those coming in late, here are links to the original posts:

Hembeck #3 Cover & Backstory

Day/Strip One

Day/Strip Two

Day/Strip Three

And if you enjoy these, feel free to visit Fred Hembeck's Personal Website. The full strip and a great many more are available in print form within THE NEARLY COMPLETE ESSENTIAL HEMBECK ARCHIVES OMNIBUS TP, now available from Image Comics. Don't blame anyone else for the shabby coloring though, as that's all me.


Anonymous said...

I read this story back in the early 80s and even then I noticed a discrepancy.

J'Onn J'Onzz and Dr. Mid-Nite were never in the same JLA/JSA team-up together. (Not until the very last one, anyway, which had yet to be published at this point.)

Diabolu Frank said...

You'd have though Fred Hembeck, of all people, would have known better...

Anonymous said...

He probably did, but didn't let it get in the way of the joke.