Monday, April 28, 2008

JLA/Avengers ACTOR auction piece by George Pérez (2002)

Here's a recreation of Mike Sekowsky & Murphy Anderson's cover to Justice League of America #21, the first JLA/JSA crossover, but with a role reversal. Rather than conducting the "seance," the Justice League are the recalled spirits, while the Avengers have taken on their original role. Only Black Canary remained in her seat amidst the musical chairs. George Pérez produced this image for ACTOR, now called The HERO Initiative, a non-profit organization committed to providing financial aid to veteran comic book creators in need. I'm fond of it, and hope the link inspires someone to donate to the fund. It also made a nice kick-off for the Idol-Head's coverage of the Avengers/JLA mini-series, which will span much of this week. Folks wanting to get a head start who don't mind snark and course language can read my rambling review of the hardcover
at ...nurgh... You can also check out my review of the available material from the original version of this meeting from 1983, where I just posted a newly scanned page of Captain America vs. Batman (not the one you always see where the Dark Knight boots the Sentinel of Liberty in the head.)

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