Friday, April 25, 2008

JLA: The World's Mightiest Mortals Martian Manhunter Pin (1997)

Batman, Superman, Green Lantern, Aquaman, and Flash... all sold off by me when I busted up this $34.95 pin set at my shop. You'd think that losing Aquaman would have stung, but I've only grown to dislike the mullethead version of that character more over the years. No, I actually really enjoyed Kyle Rayner as drawn by the artists of the set, Howard Porter and John Dell. I can't say I've shed many tears for Rayner, but as presented in JLA he played very well in the awestruck rookie role vacated by Firestorm better than a decade prior. I think his pin was cut in the shape of his "GL" icon as well, which I still feel makes the generic Corps version look dull. I also retained possession of the hinged carrying case with velveteen liner and the Wonder Woman pin. I suppose it was one of the less awful drawings of the Amazing Amazon Porter did, and the red background and five-pointed star cut recalls her tiara and errings nicely.

Also, this is the first chance I've had to use my new digital camera, a Cannon PowerShot SD1000. I had considerable lighting issues, as the glossy pin loved to deflect the flash right back at me. Hopefully, I'll have better luck on some of the other accumulated Manhunter junk I've yet to post, though I'll have to put together some sort of diaramas for that type of thing...

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