Saturday, April 26, 2008

Tiny Titans #1 Pin-Up (April 2008)

I had planned to post this on Monday, but saw the Aquaman Shrine had an original Aquaboy sketch by Art Baltazar up. It seems the artist of both pieces reads the Shrine, and I didn't want to hurt his feelings if he happened to follow a link there to my downright uncomfortable review of Tiny Titans #1. In fact, in the days since writing it, I've decided it wasn't appropriate material for the Idol-Head, and moved it to the far more tacky and adult-skewed ...nurgh... Suffice to say my reaction was unkind, and revisting the book outside of solicitations seems unlike. I figure I'm one of the only vocal haters, so heart can be taken that the problem is less the book's cuteness than the onyx cancer that is my soul.

Sside for a headshot in the credits, this is the only interior appearance of Miss Martian in the issue, the last I'll ever buy, thankyewveddymuch...

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